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Colors Painting Services provides high quality, professional paint jobs for competitive prices all over Central Florida and Jacksonville. With a combined 40 years of experience in the painting and drywall industry, the management team at Colors Painting Services is the most experienced group of professionals in the industry. We have fine-tuned the intricacies of the interior and exterior painting process. We strive to be your preferred residential painting contractor for the State of Florida.

Below is a list of other services that Colors Painting Services offers:

Stucco Repair.


Once ready, Colors Painting Services will amaze you with a top quality stucco repair job. The restoration and repair process begins with power washing the exterior walls then repairing the stucco and painting. Often, this is all that is needed to restore your homes exterior beauty and make it look the same as when it was first done.

Pressure Washing.


Whether you’re preparing for a paint job or if your home just needs a good exterior cleaning, Colors Painting pressure washing services can help make your home look like new.

Carpenter Repair and Wood rot Repair.

carpenter work and wood rot repair

Colors Painting can handle just about any carpentry repair or installation project you have including wood rot repair and basic structure work.

Dry Wall Repair.

drywall repair

Drywalls are very potent components of our homes, since they separate the divisions of space that we use. However, they are also relatively fragile components as well, that are vulnerable to mild and sever damage.

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